books for the school library

Before we started the project "books for the library of the public school on the cay (this is how the locals call their main village since it is located on a cay) we talked things over with the principal Señora Dryada. When we asked her what they need most for the school she replied spontaneously TODO -"everything". Her reaction explains a lot - but we have to focus on specific needs. When we walked through the classrooms one day we came across the school library. What first seems to be a decent library - all sheves are full of books- turns out to be a fake. Half of all books are not childrens books at all. And the one that deserve the label are outdated and no kids can be animated to read that stuff. So we decided to work on new books, coloring books for the little ones and really thrilling books that make kids want to read. In order to support the bilingual skills - Guanaja´s first language is english by the way - we focus on english an spanish books. We will buy new books - especially the coloring books should be new since what kid has interest in looking at already colored books without being able to develop his or her creativity? But we are also eager to receive donated books. So whoever has ideas, connections or even books in his shelf let us know. We pay for the transport and maks sure the books reach its destination. We are enthusiastic about our new focus.

I am writing this article in Guanaja but will lead this project from Germany in the next months. Roland will be here and is happy to receive the shipments and make sure all the books will be introduced into the library system at school.

Saludos Anke