Two years ago we started our collaboration with the  child&family foundation. Ten years ago this foundation set up a private school in the suburbs of La Ceiba, called Centro Educatiovo CFF.  There is no public school whatsoever in this area so the CFF covers the whole area. The quality of the teachers is above average and the curriculum also includes english as a foreign language so the kids can take advantage of a better education than what the public schools normally offer.


The school depends on private donations and on school fees since the public sector does not give any money.


The school fees are 1100 Lempira (about 40 US $) for kinder and 1 to 6 grades. 7th to 9th grade pay a monthly fee of 1400 Lempira (about 60 US$).


We support the poor families who cannot afford to pay the comlete fees. We pay up to 50% for them, depending on their economic situation.

We decided not to fund a family to 100% since they should appreciate the quality of education they get. 


If you want to support a child please check out our donation site: donations


In order to give you an idea about the costs of running this school have a look at this chart: