On November 3rd hurricane ETA reached the mainland of central America, made landfall in Nicaragua and moved westwards through the middle of Honduras. 

It was not so much the wind that caused damage but the rainfall. Enormous amounts of water came down, flooded the country, the rivers swelled and their power took bridges and homes that had been built too close to its shores.

It was only 10 days later, the earth had not dried yet from devastating hurricane ETA, the next hurricane hit the mainland and tokk the same course as the one before. Named IOTA this storm again brought unbelievable amounts of rainfall. The devastation was a lot bigger because the water could not seep into the grounds as they were still saturated with water. 

The largest international airport Ramon Villeda Morales International Airport in San Pedro Sula was flooded and is closed until further notice. 

The whole valley between San Pedro Sula and La Lima was flooded. More than 150.000 people lost their homes. They are in need of the very basics for survival.

In the emergency accomodations the risk of being infected with the COVID 19 virus is huge. So many people prefer to lodge on the streets.