"If you can´t feed a hundred people, then feed just one."

Mother Teresa




Schutzengel für Honduras Kinder e.V.

Welcome on our website!

We are a small non-profit association that supports children in Honduras in order to give them a better future. The name translates as "Guardian Angels for Honduras Kids". As an association that is independent and has no religious ties we initiate, run and support various projects in the country. 



„Guardian Angels for Honduras Kids" was set up by dedicated people who are committed to improve the eduacation and the access to education for Honduran children. The initiators of the association live part-time in Guanaja/Honduras and have a profound insight into the country, the political situation, the social problems and the educational system and its dire needs. The political situation seems to be somewhat stable but the government does not do much to either fight poverty or to improve the educational system. 


We are convinced that one of the main causes of poverty are corruption and the lack of education. Therefore we see the key to a better future for Honduras in the improvement of  the education. For this reason we focus our support on the children of Honduras. Currently we support the public school in Guanaja and help them to set up a new library for their students. We also support a childrens´home and a little private school in a rural area outside of La Ceiba. 


Since the members of the managing committee live in Guanaja they are able to oversee the projects directly and can guarantee full transparency about all the funds. Apart from other organisations we donate our time and efforts freely. There are no administration costs at all. Your donation goes

100 % to the kids.