How to grow your own veggies and fruits?

In cooperation with the Honduras organización "5 al dia" which works to improve the quality of the nutrition in Honduras the guardian angels for Honduras kids initiate a project in Guanaja where kids start to grow their own vegetables and fruits.


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The nutrition in Honduras and also in Guanaja is characterized by too much sugar and too much fat. People drink a lot of the heavily sweeted soft drinks and eat a lot of fried food.


A healthy and well-balanced diet is important in order to prevent diseases like diabetes, adiposity or coronary heart diseases. It is above all essential for the physical and mental development of the young. There is a connection between a well-balanced diet and the development of cognitive abilities. 


The organization "5 al dia" has developed a Projekt that is called "Construyendo mi jardín, un huerto orgánico". This project has two phases: in a first step kids, together with their teachers should learn how to grow veggies and fruits. It is planned that the harvested products go directly into the school kitchen and will be consumed by the kids who grow them.


The second phase includes the vision that the local population, motivated by the experiences in the school nursery, become active and start growing vegetables in their own yards and become partly self sufficient and/or in addition can sell the surplus and improve their income.

The guardian angels see their mission in supporting phase one and set up a school nursery.